flow electric scooter

Flow Electric Scooter Price, Range, Specs and Details

Flow electric scooter is the first scooter by the startup 22 Motors. Flow runs with a top speed of 60 km/h and capacity to run more than 160 km in single charge and dual battery option.

flow electric scooter

Manesar based Indian electric Vehicle startup brings the latest and green technology for users. The young innovative group of 22 Motors have developed flow 100% indigenous, modern, safe and powerful flow.

Flow look and Design

As we mentioned, Flow runs with 100% Indigenous and equipped with modern technologies. Disc brakes, Alloy wheels and the flow like design. Special, we liked the design pillion side the panel design, looks little craved inward.

The front light and look teases slightly classic look, but not at all and front wheels cover matches with TVS Jupiter. The headlight design, which is quite impressive. Seat looks very comfortable and ride friendly.

Flow Electric Scooter Specifications

Made for Indian roads, Flow have a nice range, which runs more than 160 km with dual battery. The dual option of dual Lithium-ion battery, which generates maximum power of 2100 Watt peak.

The crucial thing, charging time, is on par standards. Flow takes 4-5 hours to charge fully and charges up to 70% in 1 hour with fast charging option.

With disc brakes on front and rear, it has a load capacity of 150 kg, which can easily ride 2 adults.

Digitally sound Flow have 25 liter storage capacity as well. It’s all lights are LED and has projector Head Lamp.

Some additional features, but must have in today’s era, like GPS/GPRS, Mobile Charging Port are also available.

22 Motors’s Flow is available in some decent color schemes. One can choose Rogue Matt Blue, Couture Brown, Fury Red, Raisin Black, Moonlight Silver and White Dove option.

Flow Electric Scooter Info-graphic

Flow Scooter

Other Features of Flow

22 Motors have added features, which makes it good option to buy. It has no service payment facility, buy parts via company’s app, standards parts are available over the counter.

Flow has, Automatic Geo fencing, change in driving pattern, daily alerts facility.

Comes with Power train DC Motor, developed by Bosch. Regenerative Braking System (KERS), Bluetooth connectivity, Reverse, Cruise & Drag Mode features.

Further more, It has Combined braking system (CMS), Tubeless Tyre, High acceleration torque, Water & Dust Protection features.

Flow Electric Price

Flow STD version is priced at ₹82,566 at Delhi showrooms. Although, price may vary with location and dealership change.


Currently, dealership of 22 Motors is still in development stage. Additionally, some metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore are receiving.

So it is wait and watch situation for few months in small cities.

All these features and pricing are good, but the real thing and biggest issue is charging points. The charging points are still to develop.

So the buying an electric vehicle worth when the infrastructure will be available like fuel filling stations.

Other side, one can charge at charging point at house, so this make sense for small and within city rides.

However, government has drafted some facilities and made a road to boost the infrastructure boost. There is no registration and license fee for electric vehicle for less than 25 km/h. Subsidy for all electric vehicles. Subsidy for charging infra setup.

Many private firms are also boosting the charging station infra setup. All these to be practical in recent years.

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