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Jawa Forty Two Specs, Price, Mileage, Info-graphics

Jawa is back with it’s classical heritage and legacy. Jawa Forty Two, the second bike launched along with Jawa Classic 300. As we discussed earlier with Jawa Classic 300, Jawa Forty Two poses the same specifications.

Jawa Forty Two Info-graphics

Design and features

With rugged, reliable design and classy look, Forty Two is brilliant example of the machine in it’s category. It had made a quite buzz in media throughout the year of 2018.

Matte finish and dazzling chrome colors difference with it’s Classic 300. Otherwise all the specifications and features meet the same.

The premium Italian engineering pushes to experience the quality ride, dreamy handling, smooth acceleration and tight braking.

Likewise Jawa Classic, Forty Two marveled with quality of the heart of design. The pairs of elegance of sleek lines and graceful curves with an uncompromising robust design.

In addition, Horsepower to power and handling, everything baked closely and reliably with the passion of art. The flat torque curve and improved low-end torque will make your riding experience much sweeter.

The same motorcycle

Lets talk about the machine powerhouse. Forty Two comes with the same 293 cc, single cylinder, four stroke engine. The all features power, transmission, suspension all are the same as it is based on the same frame and engine.

The key differences between Jawa and Jawa 42

The first is, as we discussed earlier, Jawa (Classic 300) comes with three colors, Maroon, Grey and Black. Other side Jawa 42 (Forty Two) comes with six color variants, Galactic Green (Matte), Halley’s Teal (Matte), Lumos Lime (Matte), Starlight Blue (Matte), Comet Red (Glossy), Nebula Blue (Glossy).

The second key difference is the pricing. The Jawa price is little higher, starts from ₹1,64,000, while Forty Two price starts at ₹1,55,000 in Delhi ex-showrooms.

The Jawa heritage

Most of you not aware of Jawa, but it all started from 1929 in Prague. Later it came to India in 1950s. However, after 1996, Jawa stopped production.

And now Jawa is back again with Jawa and Jawa Forty Two brand new motorcycles. Jawa, which is now subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra named as Classic Legends Private Limited (CLPL)

2018 was quite busy for Jawa, as both the Models Jawa Classic and Fort Tow launched this year, company has rolled out the both the models. And third model, Perak is to be launched in February 2019. The booking is done for, till September 2019.

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