Top 10 Selling Popular Bikes of 2018

Top 10 selling bikes which are India’s best and popular listed month wise sell. Entry Level performance bike dominates the list. Splendor Topped throughout the year followed by HF Deluxe of Hero Moto Corp.

Top Bikes Sales Report of January 2018

January Top 10 selling bikes chart tops with Hero Splendor. Along with Splendor, HF Deluxe also in the top selling list. Both the Hero Moto Corp. models placed first and second placed with huge margin its nearest rival, Honda CB Shine.

However, Honda Activa is also in top list in overall bike selling list, but here I have added only bikes in the list. Checkout the statics of January 2018 Top Selling Bike list.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in January 2018
1Hero Splendor2,31,356
2Hero HF Deluxe1,71,167
3Honda CB Shine82,390
4Hero Glamour75,553
5Hero Passion61,661
6Bajaj Pulsar56,919
7RE Classic-35053,221
8Bajaj Platina37,136
9TVS Apache32,647
10Honda Dream30,969
Top Bikes Sales Report of February 2018

It is Splendor again, topped the list with 238,722 units sale in February 2018. Followed by HF Deluxe of the same company Hero Moto Corp. However, Honda had not enjoyed with Dream as it had with CB Unicorn this month.
Have a look at the figures of February 2018 top bike selling list.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in February 2018
1Hero Splendor2,38,722
2Hero HF Deluxe1,65,205
3Honda CB Shine82,189
4Hero Glamour66,064
5Hero Passion61,895
6Bajaj Pulsar60,772
7RE Classic48,557
8Bajaj Platina40,409
9TVS Apache34,008
10Honda CB Unicorn29,223
Top Bikes Sales Report of March 2018

Back to March 2018, and Splendor see the growth in its volume. Top scorer of March 2018 with 2,62,232 unit sell, followed by HF Deluxe that also had around growth of 11,995 units from the last month. Hero third model Passion is also in the topper list with 1,05,214 units sale in March.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in March 2018
1Hero Splendor2,62,232
2Hero HF Deluxe1,83,162
3Hero Passion1,05,214
4Honda CB Shine81,770
5Hero Glamour72,054
6RE Classic 53,623
7Bajaj Pulsar53,507
8TVS Apache45,644
9Bajaj CT-10036,601
10Bajaj Platina34,758
Top Bikes Sales Report of April 2018

Top 10 selling bikes of April, 2018. Splendor is replaced its position by Honda Activa in the Overall Bike sell list, but still in the top of only bike category. You can check the statistics of April 2018 top selling bikes list.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in April 2018
1Hero Splendor2,66,067
2Hero HF Deluxe1,72,340
3Honda CB Shine1,04,048
4Hero Passion95,834
5Hero Glamour69,900
6Bajaj Pulsar67,712
7Bajaj CT-10059,944
8RE Classic52,075
9TVS Apache43,383
10Bajaj Platina38,212
Top Bikes Sales Report of May 2018

Even in May in this year, Splendor saw a good growth this month. Hero sold 2,80,763 units of Splendor in May 2018, and leaving behind the Activa. Have a look at the change in figure this month.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in May 2018
1Hero Splendor2,80,763
2Hero HF Deluxe1,84,131
3Honda CB Shine99,812
4Hero Passion96,389
5Hero Glamour72,102
6Bajaj Pulsar70,056
7Bajaj CT10064,622
8RE Classic 51,147
9TVS Apache43,234
10Bajaj Platina30,412
Top Bikes Sales Report of June 2018

In June, Splendor Rules as it does. With 2,78,169 units of sell this month, it maintains number one position on the chart.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in June 2018
1Hero Splendor2,78,169
2 Hero HF deluxe1,82,883
3Hero Passion97,715
4Honda CB Shine96,505
5Bajaj Pulsar71,593
6 Bajaj CT-10066,314
7 Hero Glamour63,417
8RE Classic50,426
9 TVS Apache42,463
10 Bajaj Platina35,825
Top Bikes Sales Report of July 2018

However, there was marginal decline in overall models in July 2018. Hero Splendor is still on the top.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in July 2018
1Hero Splendor2,60,865
2Hero HF Deluxe1,83,694
3Hero Passion88,354
4Honda CB Shine86,160
5Bajaj CT10076,776
6Hero Glamour74,553
7Bajaj Pulsar63,388
8RE Classic44,054
9Bajaj Platina40,074
10TVS Apache32,973
Top Bikes Sales Report of August 2018

Overall growth declined, like previous month, this month also. Exceptionally, Honda CB Shine saw good growth and maintained Top 3 in the segment.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in August 2018
1Hero Splendor2,47,116
2Hero HF Deluxe1,83,716
3Honda CB Shine1,08,790
4Hero Passion82,681
5Bajaj CT10082,424
6Hero Glamour74,097
7Bajaj Pulsar70,051
8Bajaj Platina45,921
9RE Classic44,610
10TVS Apache38,837
Top Bikes Sales Report of September 2018

Not like previous month, Honda CB Shine September sell declined by 28,178 units. Splendor surged well on quantity wise to top the chart as it does.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in September 2018
1Hero Splendor2,85,508
2Hero HF Deluxe2,01,240
3Hero Passion95,057
4Bajaj CT10089,387
5Bajaj Pulsar89,374
6Hero Glamour82,864
7Honda CB Shine80,612
8Bajaj Platina67,450
9TVS Apache55,460
10RE Classic44,021
Top Bikes Sales Report of October 2018

Bajaj CT-100 saw a good growth in September as well as October of 2018. High performance entry-level bike CT-100 was able to gain Top 3 spot with 93,676 units selling this month.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in October 2018
1Hero Splendor2,68,377
2Hero HF Deluxe2,00,312
3Bajaj CT10093,676
4Honda CB Shine91,319
5Bajaj Pulsar90,363
6Hero Passion84,870
7Hero Glamour80,627
8Bajaj Platina74,064
9RE Classic46,418
10TVS Apache41,396
Top Bikes Sales list of November 2018

The November month of 2018 was not good for automotive industry, as you can see the total sales of each segment has declined. However, the trends of standing position was similar to others months of 2018.

PositionModelsUnit Sales in November 2018
1Hero Splendor2,25,536
2Hero HF Deluxe1,68,839
3Hero Passion74,396
4Honda CB Shine70,803
5Bajaj Pulsar69,579
6Hero Glamour63,416
7Bajaj Platina62,555
8Bajaj CT56,864
9RE Classic39,025
10TVS Apache29,947

At the time of publishing this article, November data is not available. As soon we receive the data of November, we will update here.
Visit again to see updated list Top 10 Bike Selling list of the Year 2018.

It is difficult to choose the best among the best. Generally, the selling volume list shows, which one is the best to buy, unless new arrival makes it foot. The TOP 10 Selling Bike list of the year 2018 will help to buy your best bike, if you don’t want to take risk much as well as confusing with searching for the best.

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