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Electric Scooters in India

Scooters are the main mobility source in Indian cities. Not Only in major cities, it is expanding in small towns to rural areas also. So, keeping same in the mind, electric scooters manufacturing growth is also on top chart.

National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2010 plan came in light in 2013. Addressing the issues like pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities.

After the Paris Agreement, Government of India has a plan to make major shift of electric vehicle by 2030.

Consequently, lots of electric companies have made effort to launch their products in the Indian market.

Additionally, many startups also grown up in this domain like, Ather Energy, 22 Motors, Yo Bikes, Hero Electric are some emerging names.

Subsidy on Electric Scooters

Government is providing, 20% of subsidy of the cost of electric vehicle. Under the pilot project Scheme FAME II, major bikes are available across the major cities of India.

However, government of India is still to implement throughout the country.

Additionally, there is no registration charge for the vehicles speed less than 25 kmph or 250 watt motor. In recent development, subsidized amount will be transferred direct into buyers account instead of the manufactures.

GST on Lithium-ion batteries has been slashed from 18% to 12%. Zero road tax and compulsory zero registration fee for all EVs.

Electric charging stations infra setup will be also subsidized. Private companies are boosting charging points. Recently Tata Power has announced to setup 1000 charging points for electric vehicles in NCR.

Subsidized Electric Scooters and Vehicles

Have a look at screenshots, on which amount of subsidy is available.

Subsidy on Ather Energy and Avan Motors

Check full list of electric scooter, bike and four wheeler on which subsidy amount is available here.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Most of the charging points will be available at the petrol pumps. It will help infra setup with less investment.

Although, government has planned to increase the taxes on petrol-diesel vehicles to makeup the subsidy amount. It will also help to boost and promote the electric vehicle.

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