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Bajaj to sell Qute Quadricycle in India by March this year

  • Qute is low cost version of modern day taxi.
  • Pricing will be between three wheeler and cheapest passenger car.
  • Bajaj is already selling Qute in Latin America, Europe and Africa.
  • Almost all states have approved the Qute Quadricycle.
  • It can be seen as Bajaj’s four wheeler entry.

Bajaj Qute Quadricycle is ready to hit the Indian roads by March. “Almost all states have approved sale of the vehicle” MD of Bajaj Auto, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj mentioned in a company brand campaign launch on 21 January 2019in New Delhi.

Image credit: Bajaj

The Pune based manufacturer has largest three wheeler market share and it’s third largest two wheeler manufacturer. However, Bajaj is trying to launch this Quadricycle for the past six years.

Another top official of the Bajaj quoted that “At the policy level, the Qute has got all clearances. We are last mile of bureaucracy where the state transport comes into the picture, for instance, what will be the registration fees, etc. so it is really the tail of the elephant that is left. Almost all the states have approved it and rest all the documents should be laid to rest by March. So, Qute should be seen on the roads from March onward.”

Bajaj is also readying electric version of the Qute and will be ready in next couple of years. Bajaj have planed to launch electric Qute along side a electric three wheeler, confirmed by Mr. Rajiv Bajaj.

Qute Price to remain lower

Qute is modern day taxi and price is set to be low from small passenger cars. Government has permitted for the creation of a new segment after that Bajaj has followed the aggressive and sustained push in Indian market. Additionally, the final price is not revealed yet.

Dealerships from Kerala and North East has already placed order for the Qute. Dealers are expecting good market for the Quadricycle.

Bajaj is already selling Qute in Latin America, Europe and Africa since 2015.

However, several public interest litigation (PILs) were filed by various entities to stall the commercial launch of the Quadricycle. Last year central government cleared a policy to permit for commercial after supreme court intervention.

Brief Specifications of Qute

Qute Quadricycle is powered by 216 cc engine. The five speed engine produces a max. power of 13.2 PS and has top speed of 70 kmph on 5th gear.

Qute Kerb weight is 451 kg. It has 4-valve water cooled DTS- engine with closed loop fuel injection system.

Qute runs on CNG and Petrol fuel. Qute has a nice mileage performance and it has fuel efficiency of 43 km/kg, 65% more efficient than most popular car available in India, claimed by Bajaj.

4 passengers including driver can easily fit in the Qute Quadricycle. It is designed for the Intra city travel.

Bajaj Auto has capacity of 60,000 units of Qute production currently at Aurangabad facility in Maharashtra. Although, Bajaj can use it’s three wheeler facility to increase the production.

Tata Motors, TVS Motors and some other companies have opposed the government proposal to allow the Quadricycle. As it is to be sold in the market that does not meet crash safety norms.