Info-graphic: Ather 450 Price, Range, Specs Details

Ather Energy launched 450 model in 2018 along with it’s lower version Ather 340. According to company, 450 has true range of 75 km, but users have experienced more than 86 km on single charge.

Ather 450 Info-graphic

ather 450

7.24 BLDC powered motor drives Ather 450 noise free. It has Lithium-ion power pack of 2.24 kWh.

The upper version Ather 450, runs more than 80 km. It was reported by many users. However, the true range is 75 km, which is claimed by company.

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Ather 450 Specification, Design and Features

As we mentioned in the previous post of Ather 340. All the design and features of the both the models are same.

ather 450

As we mentioned in the previous post of Ather 340. All the design and features of the both the models are same.

The main difference between 340 and 450 is the Battery pack. Ather has 2.4 kWh Lithium-ion battery, while the Ather 340 have 1.92 kWh battery pack.

The battery make the major difference. It differentiate the range as well the price also. Both have a price difference of around ₹15,000. Other side, the range is also increase by 15 km on paper.

Self start and belt driven, Ather 450 has 20.5 kNm maximum torque.

It comes with front alloy wheels and disc brakes. Ather is equipped with tubeless Tyre also.

Girls and ladies may like the reverse mode. One can easily reverse on congested places. It adds little upper hand over other electric scooters available in India.

AI based data sharing and app enabled, tracking to security, every thing is enabled in this smart scooter.

Ather 450 is available in white color, presently.

Furthermore, You will get 2 years of warranty or 30000 km standard warranty with this electric scooter.

Ather 450 Top Speed

Ather 450 got top speed of 80 kmph. It reaches 0 to 40 kmph in 3.9 seconds.

Charging and Loading Capacity

450 charges manually as well as in fast mode also. It charges fully in 2 hour and 40 minutes. Additionally, in fast charge mode, you can charge 1 km/minute.

For the charging station, Ather Energy has established Ather Grid in various parts of Bangalore. Other companies are also setting up charging stations in all major cities across India.

Ather 450 has weight is 118 kg and it can easily ride 2 adults or 150 kg of weight.

Ather 450 Price

450 is priced at ₹1,25,000 in Delhi showroom including subsidized amount by the government. However, the original price is ₹1,42,568.

User have option to opt maintenance, charging service with Ather Grid, App service with subscription service of company. It is available on yearly basis.

Availability of Ather 450 in India

If you want to buy, you can opt the online buying option. The doorstep delivery option. Although, the service is available in certain parts of India.

It is available showrooms of Bangalore and Pune. Company is developing dealership across the India for offline delivery also.

You can esquire for any information or test ride on following link.

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